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Coconut Flour Crumpets

Well, it’s been a while (almost a year) since I last posted. Life got busy- hubby’s 40th, our church’s opening with a massive market and auction and then I did a basic sewing course and ended up feeling super guilty for not posting… and then you know what happens.

We have also made quite a bit of a lifestyle change. Since discovering that my oldest struggled with various intolerances a few years ago we had adopted a healthier lifestyle, trying to flavour food more naturally and cutting out preservatives, colourants, artificial flavourants and so on and so on. But towards the end of last year we started eliminating grains and sugar. Because I have always baked treats for the boys and never been able to buy any food that is pre-prepared or packaged, this didn’t change much of my time spent in the kitchen. But it did mean I would have to discover new recipes that were easy, relatively affordable and tasty. Today I’m sharing one of those with you.

These coconut flour crumpets are adapted from a pancake recipe I came across that is made with cream. Because dairy is one of the uncertainties, I tweaked it and came up with what is now a firm favourite in our household. We have these for breakfast once to twice a week.

This basic recipe is enough for one to two people, depending on how much you’ll eat. I multiply it by three for us (we have healthy appetites) and usually have about two to three left that are eaten as a snack later in the day with peanut butter. So here goes:


30ml coconut flour
2 large eggs
5ml (1 tspn) psyllium husks
30-60ml water
Coconut oil for frying

Mix the first two ingredients well. Add the psyllium husks and mix immediately. Add 30ml water and allow to stand for a few minutes while warming up the frying pan with a dollop of coconut oil. If the mixture looks a bit thick add a bit more water until desired consistency is reached. When pan is warm add about 30ml per crumpet into the pan and fry. These cook quite quickly and normally only need to be flipped over once.

When I multiply this by 3, I normally only add 10ml psyllium husks as they swell quite a lot.

These are delicious served with yoghurt or home-made ricotta, sugarless berry compote, and grain-free muesli. Look out for future posts with recipes for the last three. You can add what you’d like… bacon, tomato, avo… the list is endless.

Here’s to them becoming a firm favourite in your house too!