I am no techno junkie. In fact, I am probably the total opposite: technologically challenged. I am no writer. Far too often, I find myself at a loss for words. Why, then, did I decide to enter the world of blogging? Simple, really.

Since I can remember, I have enjoyed pretty much anything that has to do with food. Feasting on it with my eyes; to savouring it mouthful by mouthful; to relentlessly perfecting a recipe; to preparing a simple meal or feast for loved ones and friends. My love for delicious, nourishing and sometimes decadently outrageous fare is endless.

After we discovered that my oldest child had several food allergies and intolerances, I was on a mission to find delicious recipes that he and we could all enjoy. I needed a place to share my discoveries with friends. What better place than here? This is where I will post various recipes, some for the intolerant or allergic individual and some that friends have been asking after for years. I hope you’ll be inspired to try them. Some will require minimal effort and others a little more. I welcome your feedback and comments. Look forward to hearing from you…